Chandler Brothers contemporary small town romance ebook bundle
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Chandler Brothers Bundle (Ebook)
Chandler Brothers Bundle (Ebook)

Chandler Brothers Bundle (Ebook)

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He’s got wanderlust and no intention of settling down.
She’s home to stay and has put her bad boy ex in her rearview mirror.

After spending his life abroad, embracing his freedom at every turn as a foreign correspondent, Roman Chandler finds himself the brother nominated to deal with his ailing mother’s matchmaking shenanigans. Thanks to a coin toss, he needs to find someone to marry and fast. It shouldn’t be that hard in sleepy Yorkshire Falls where women fall over themselves to hook a Chandler man.

But Roman only wants the one woman who got away.

Charlotte Bronson is back home to put down roots and get her lingerie business off the ground. She’s not interested in her past or a man that chose to chase breaking news stories to the far corners of the earth over her. No matter how good they used to be or how combustible their chemistry still burns.

It’s up to Roman to convince Charlotte he’s a changed man and here to stay.

He’s the town’s most popular playboy.
She’s sworn off men and weddings for good.

Police officer, Rick Chandler, has managed to fend off the marriage-minded women in his small town but it’s getting more difficult with each passing day. After all, there’s something about the Chandler charm that keeps them coming back with hope in their hearts. What’s a man determined to stay single to do?

Kendall Sutton is a cliché, a runaway bride stuck on the side of the road, until she’s rescued by the sexiest cop she’s ever seen. In spite of her pearly gown and tiara, Kendall vows to never get married—which makes her the ideal fake girlfriend to ward off Rick’s legion of admirers.

But when their charade starts to feel real, suddenly the town’s most popular playboy has marriage on his mind—but will a woman with Kendall’s jaded past ever say “I do”?

He’s a loner who indulges in a one night stand out of town.
She’s a senator’s daughter who never expects to see her indulgence again.

Small town journalist Chase Chandler has waited a long time for the chance at a national story, putting his dreams on hold to help with his younger trouble-making siblings and taking over the family newspaper. His trip to Washington D.C. is business only until he gets a look at the seductive red-head.

Sloane Carlisle isn’t just any woman. She’s a senator’s daughter whose world has been rocked by news that devastates her, and she finds solace in Chase’s arms. She was never supposed to see him again except when she heads to the small town of Yorkshire Falls to uncover the truth about her family, she runs headlong into the man she can’t forget, and suddenly he’s by her side. All. The. Time.

Because unbeknownst to Sloane, in exchange for an exclusive, all Chase needs to do is keep her safe. He’s watched his siblings fall in love and marry and suddenly the man who thought he was finished raising a family wants one with the woman who made him believe in love at first sight. What will it take to get Sloane to say the two words that could turn the town’s most eligible bachelor into the world’s sexiest spouse?

You’re fit, Mrs. Chandler. The cardiogram is normal and so is your blood pressure. Nothing more than a bad case of indigestion. An antacid, some rest, and you should be fine.” The doctor slipped her stethoscope around her neck and made another notation in the chart.

Relief flowed through Raina Chandler as strong as the pain had ripped through her earlier. The fiery sensation in her chest and arm had caught her off guard. Ever since losing her husband to a heart attack at age thirty-seven, Raina had never taken unexpected pain lightly. She’d become health-conscious, watched her weight, and started an exercise routine of brisk walking she’d kept up through to this very day.

At the first twinge of pain, she’d picked up the phone and called her oldest son. Not even the bad memories of sterile, antiseptic hospital smells or the depressing graying walls could deter her from taking care of her health. She had a mission to accomplish before she left this earth.

She glanced at the attractive young doctor who had met her at the Emergency Room. Any woman who looked good in drab hospital green had potential. “You’re new to this town, aren’t you?” But Raina already knew the answer before the other woman nodded.

She knew everyone in Yorkshire Falls, population 1,723, soon to be 1,724, when the editor of the local section of the Yorkshire Falls Gazette and his wife had their baby. Her general practitioner had been Dr. Eric Fallon, a close friend for years. Widowed like herself, Eric only recently had succumbed to the desire to enjoy life more and work less. As Eric’s new partner, Dr. Leslie Gaines was his answer to less stress.

She was new to town, and from Raina’s perspective that made her not just interesting, but fresh, potential wife material for her jaded sons. “Are you married?” Raina asked. “I hope you don’t mind my prying, but I’ve got three single sons, and—”

The doctor chuckled. “I’ve only been here a few weeks and already your sons’ reputations precede them, Mrs. Chandler.”

Raina’s chest swelled with pride. They were good men, her boys. They were her greatest joy and recently the source of continued frustration. Chase, her oldest, Rick, the town’s favorite cop, and Roman, her foreign correspondent and the baby brother, who was currently in London covering an economic summit.

“Now, Mrs. Chandler—”

“Raina,” she corrected and studied the good doctor. Nice laugh, sense of humor, and a protective nature. Raina immediately discounted the woman physician as a mate for Roman or Rick.

Her no-nonsense demeanor would bore Roman and a doctor’s hours would clash with Officer Rick’s. But she could be just the right woman for her oldest son, Chase. Since taking over as publisher of the Yorkshire Falls Gazette for his father almost twenty years earlier, he’d become much too serious, bossy, and overprotective. Thank God he had his father’s handsome, chiseled face to make a decent first impression before he opened his mouth and started taking control. Good thing women loved a protective man and most single women in this town would marry Chase in a heartbeat. He was handsome, as were Rick and Roman.

Her goal was to marry off all three of her boys, and she would. But first they had to desire more from a woman than sex. Not that there was anything wrong with sex; in fact, it could be more than pleasant, she thought, remembering. But it was her sons’ mind-set that presented her with a problem. They were men.

And having raised them, Raina knew exactly how they thought. They rarely wanted any female for more than one night. The lucky women lasted a month, no longer. Finding willing women wasn’t the issue. With the Chandler good looks and appeal, women fell at their feet. But men, her sons included, wanted what they couldn’t have, and her boys had too much, too easily.

The lure of the forbidden and the fun of the chase was gone. Why should a man consider until death do us part when he had women willing to give it up without commitment? It wasn’t that Raina didn’t understand today’s generation. She did. But she’d also loved the trappings of a family life—and was smart enough to hold out for the whole package.

But in today’s world, a woman had to offer a man a challenge. Excitement. And even then, Raina sensed her boys would balk. Chandler men needed a special woman to pique their interest and keep it. Raina sighed. How ironic that she, a woman who held marriage and children as her ideal, raised three sons who thought the word bachelor was sacred. With their attitudes she’d never have the grandchildren she desired. They’d never have the happiness they deserved.

“Some instructions, Raina.” The doctor made some notes on her computer and glanced up. “I’d suggest keeping a bottle of antacid in the house, in case of emergencies. Often a cup of tea is the best remedy.”

“No more late-night pizza deliveries, then?” She met the younger woman’s amused gaze.

“I’m afraid not. You’ll have to find another way of entertaining yourself.”

Raina pursed her lips. The things she endured for her future. For her boys. Speaking of whom, Chase and Rick would be back any second and the doctor hadn’t answered the most pressing question. Raina let her gaze slide up the doctor’s slender physique. “I don’t mean to push, but …”

Dr. Gaines grinned, obviously still amused. “I’m married. And even if I weren’t, I’m sure your sons would appreciate finding their own women.”

Raina tamped down her disappointment, then waved her hand in the air in response. “As if my boys would ever find their own women. Or should I say wives. Nothing short of a life-or-death emergency would force them to pick one woman and settle down. …” Raina’s voice trailed off as the import of her own words sank in.

Life-or-death emergency. The only thing that would convince her sons of the necessity to get married. Her life-or-death emergency.

As the plan began to form, Raina’s conscience begged her to dismiss the idea. It was cruel to lead her sons to believe she was ill. On the other hand, it was for their own good. They couldn’t deny her anything, not when she truly needed them, and by playing on their good natures, she’d ultimately be leading them to happily ever after. Not that they’d know or appreciate it at first.

She gnawed on her lip. It was a risk. But without grandchildren, loneliness loomed large in her future, just as, without a wife or family, it loomed large for her sons. She wanted more for them than empty homes and emptier lives—the kind of life she’d had since her husband died.

“Doctor, my diagnosis here … it’s confidential?”

The younger woman shot her a slanted glance. No doubt she was used to that question with only the most dire of cases. Raina checked her watch. She was running out of time before the boys returned. Her newly formulated plan as well as her family’s future depended upon the woman’s answer, and Raina waited, tapping her foot impatiently.

“Yes, it’s confidential,” Dr. Gaines said with a good-natured laugh.

Raina relaxed a bit more. She hugged her cotton hospital gown closer. “Good. I’m sure you don’t want to have to evade my sons’ questions, so, thank you for everything.” She extended her hand for a polite shake, when she really wanted to shove the other woman through the curtain before the cavalry arrived with pointed questions.

“It was a pleasure and an experience meeting you. Dr. Fallon will be back in the office tomorrow. If you have any problems before then, don’t hesitate to call.”

“Oh, I won’t,” Raina said.

“So what’s the story?” Rick, the middle child no one had ever been able to ignore, barreled through the drawn curtain with Chase on his heels. Rick’s brash nature echoed his mother’s personality. His dark brown hair and hazel eyes resembled Raina’s before her hairdresser had gotten hold and changed her to a honey-blond to obliterate the gray.

In contrast, Roman and Chase were the bookends with jet-black hair and blazing blue eyes. Both her oldest and youngest were the spitting image of their father. Their imposing builds and dark hair never failed to remind her of John. Only their personalities were uniquely their own.

Chase stood in front of his agitated sibling and faced the doctor head-on. “What’s going on?”

“I think your mother’s condition is something she’d like to explain herself,” the doctor said, then slipped beyond the awful multicolored curtain.

Ignoring the tug of guilt in favor of the greater good, and assuring herself they’d thank her in the end, Raina blinked back tears and placed a shaky hand over her heart. Then she explained her frail health and long-standing desire to her sons.

Roman Chandler glared at his oldest brother, or more accurately he glared at the quarter in Chase’s right hand. After getting the phone call about his mother’s heart problem, Roman had grabbed the first flight out of London. He’d flown into JFK Airport, taken a connecting flight to Albany, and then rented a car so he could drive an hour to his hometown of Yorkshire Falls, just outside of Saratoga Springs, New York. He was so tired even his bones ached from sheer exhaustion.

And now he could add stress to his problems. Thanks to his mother’s heart condition, one of the Chandler brothers would have to sacrifice his freedom in order to provide Raina with a grandchild. A coin toss would decide which brother would shoulder the burden, but only Rick and Roman would be involved. Having already done his family duty by giving up college to run the paper and help his mother raise his younger brothers, Chase wouldn’t take part in the toss—despite his argument to the contrary. He’d wanted things equal. Rick and Roman had insisted Chase opt out.

He’d play executioner instead.

“Call it. Heads or tails,” Chase said.

Roman glanced at the unpainted ceiling, toward the upstairs of his childhood home where his mother was resting, as per doctor’s orders. Meanwhile, he and his brothers stood waiting on the dusty, dirt-smeared floor of the garage that was attached to the family house. The same garage where they’d stored their bikes and balls as kids, and where Roman had snuck beers when he thought his older brothers weren’t around. And the same house they’d been raised in and their mother still held on to, thanks to Chase’s hard work and his success with the newspaper.

“Come on, guys, someone call it,” Chase said in the wake of the surrounding silence.

“You don’t have to sound like you’re enjoying this,” Rick muttered.

“You think I’m enjoying this?” Chase twisted the coin between his fingers, frustration tugging at his lips. “That’s bullshit. I sure as hell don’t want to see either of you lose the life you chose just because of some whim.”

Roman was certain his oldest brother felt so strongly because Chase hadn’t chosen his own life path. Instead he’d been thrust into the dual roles of publisher and parent overnight. At eighteen and the oldest sibling when their father died, Chase had felt a duty to take his father’s place as head of the family. And that was the motivating factor for Roman’s participation in the coin toss now. Roman had been the one to leave Yorkshire Falls and follow his dreams, while Chase had stayed behind and given up his.

Both Roman and Rick looked to Chase as their role model. If Chase thought their mother’s dire health and her deep desire for a grandchild warranted a sacrifice, then Roman had to agree. Not only did he owe his brother, he shared the same sense of devotion to family.

“It’s no whim Mom suffered,” Roman said to his siblings. “She said it’s a weak heart that can’t handle stress.”

“Or disappointment,” Rick said. “Mom didn’t use that word, but you know damn well she meant it. We’ve disappointed her.”

Roman nodded in agreement. “So if grandchildren will make her happy, then it’s up to one of us to give her one to coddle while she’s still around to enjoy being a grandmother.”

“Knowing one of us is happily married will take the edge off that stress she’s supposed to avoid,” Chase said. “And a grandchild will give her life direction.”

“Can’t we just get her a puppy?” Rick asked.

Roman understood the sentiment. At thirty-one, his lifestyle precluded settling down. Marriage and family hadn’t been in the future. Until now. It wasn’t that Roman didn’t like women. He did. Hell, he loved women, how they smelled and how their soft skin felt gliding against his aroused body. But he couldn’t imagine giving up his career in favor of looking at the same female face across the breakfast table every day for the rest of his life. He shuddered, amazed that his life choices had come down to this one moment.

He turned to his middle brother. “Rick, you’ve tied the knot once. No need to do it again.” Though Roman had no desire to announce himself the man for the job, he couldn’t let his sibling repeat his past—marrying to help someone else while sacrificing himself in the process.

Rick shook his head. “Wrong, baby brother. I’ll take part in the coin toss. Last time has nothing to do with this. This is about family.”

Roman understood. The Chandlers were all about family. So he was back to where they left off. Would he return to his job as foreign correspondent for the Associated Press, continue to land in political hot spots and get the untold stories out to the rest of the world, or would he settle down in Yorkshire Falls the way he’d never planned? Though sometimes Roman wasn’t sure whose dream he was actually pursuing—his, Chase’s, or a combination of both—Roman lived in fear of replicating his brother’s life, of being closed in with no options.

But despite his churning stomach, he was ready and nodded in Chase’s direction. “Get it over with.”

“Whatever you say.” Chase flipped the coin high into the air.

Roman inclined his head toward Rick, giving him the choice, and Rick called out, “Heads.”

As if in slow motion, the quarter circled and flew in the air. Roman’s carefree life passed before his eyes the same way: the women he’d met and flirted with, the special ones who’d lasted long enough to constitute a relationship but not a life mate, the occasional hot, steamy encounter, less often now that he was older and more discriminating.

The sound of Chase’s palm slapping against his hand stunned Roman back into reality. He met his oldest brother’s solemn gaze.

A life change.

The death of a dream.

The severity of the situation hit Roman in the gut. He squared his shoulders and waited, while Rick sucked in an exaggerated breath.

Chase lifted his hand and glanced down, before meeting first Rick’s, then Roman’s gaze. Then he did the job the way he always did, without backing down. “Looks like you’ll be needing a drink about now, baby brother. You’re the sacrificial lamb in Mom’s quest for grandchildren.”

Rick heaved a heavy sigh that was nothing compared to the ball of lead sitting in Roman’s stomach. Chase walked up beside Roman. “If you want out, now’s the time. No one’s going to hold it against you if you don’t want to do this.”

Roman forced a grin, emulating Chase at eighteen. “You think scoping out women and making babies is a tough assignment? By the time I’m through, you’re going to wish you were me.”

I pushed open the door and walked smack into his broad chest. The incredible scent of musky aftershave and potent male surrounded me. Aroused me. I sucked in a surprised breath.

As I stepped back on unsteady feet, he grabbed my forearms with both hands. “Easy.”

Easy? Was he kidding? His palms felt warm, solid, and too good on my bare skin. I looked up into his blue eyes. “This is the ladies’ room,” I said inanely. I sighed. So much for poise, sparkling conversation, and wit.

“No, this is the hallway. The ladies’ room is behind you, and the men’s room is down the hall.” He grinned. “I should know. I practically grew up here.”

“I need to get back to my table. Beth’s waiting. Beth Hansen, you remember her, right?” I rolled my eyes. This was getting worse and worse.

To my chagrin, he laughed. “Well, at least now I know you remember me.”

I didn’t pretend to misunderstand him and couldn’t bring myself to lie. “I was late, in a rush, Beth was waiting.” I lifted my hands, then let them fall to my sides.

“So you didn’t mean to ignore me.”

A burning flush rose to my face. “No. I … I have to go. Beth’s waiting for me. Again.”

His rough hand brushed my cheek, and a tremor of awareness shot through my body, a quiver he couldn’t possibly miss. “I’ll let you get back to your table as soon as I ask you a question. It’s been ten years, and the attraction between us is still going strong. When are you going to give in?”

I licked my dry lips. “When are you going to give up trying?”

He grinned. “When hell freezes over.”

Find out what happens next in The Bachelor!

The Chandler brothers—with some help from their meddling mom—find love in Yorkshire Falls. The town may be small, but the emotions are larger than life.

When their ailing mother starts pining for grandchildren, the Chandler brothers decide one of them needs to get married. But where one brother leads, the others soon follow. See for yourself why Kelly Ripa chose The Bachelor as a “Reading with Ripa” Book Club pick.

Read the full series if you love:

  • Second Chances
  • Small Town
  • Fake Romance
  • Runaway Bride
  • Police/Cop Romance
  • Bodyguard
  • Disguise/Pretend
  • Forbidden Love
  • One Night Stand

Get all three novels and settle into the small town charm of Yorkshire Falls. This bundle includes separate ebook editions of the three Chandler Brothers novels.

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  • The Bachelor — Roman & Charlotte
  • The Playboy — Rick & Kendall
  • The Heartbreaker — Chase & Sloane

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