Hot Heroes 4-book audiobook bundle
Hot Heroes Bundle (Audiobook)

Hot Heroes Bundle (Audiobook)

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She’s gorgeous and determined to be left alone. He’s intrigued and intent on inserting himself into her solitary life.

When Kane Harmon rescues Halley Ward from the side of the road, he discovers the most beautiful, wealthy, and loneliest person woman he’s ever met.

She says she isn’t interested in him—or anything outside of her painting and her bungalow. Kane knows a lie when he hears one.

Soon, he’s a part of her life and bringing color back into her world but is she strong enough to join him in a future than can be as bright—as long as she’s brave enough to try?

A secret baby and a second chance.

From troubled teen to successful contractor, Jake Nichols is used to starting over. From childhood to his recent divorce, he’s a pro at making the best of things.

Phoebe Ward thought she’d never see her first love again. Until a client meeting brings her face to face with the sexy man… who is the father of her child

After all these years, they finally have the opportunity to finish their story—if they can find their faith in a happy ending.

She’s free from the confines of her father’s control. He’s the man hired to keep her out of trouble.

For Braden Clark, getting paid to watch over a city girl on vacation seems too good to be true. She’s hot as hell and determined to test her newfound boundaries, something he finds both sexy and arousing.

Juliette Collins is eager to play and discover everything else she’s missed in her sheltered life—including the hot, muscular guy that seems to be everywhere she looks.

But what happens when she discovers his secret? That he’s been paid to watch over her all along?

A single mom. His first love. A reunion they never expected.

Andi Harmon wanted nothing more than to marry prince charming. Her best friend Kyle Davenport believed he’d be that man. But after losing the girl of his dreams to the town bad boy, Kyle left Rosewood Bay and swore he’d never look back.

But Kyle returns to his hometown to discover Andi is still there… and available if he can break down the walls around her heart.

“Kane! Pick up on Route 5. Lady needs a tow,” Kane Harmon’s father, Joe, called out from the office in Harmon’s Garage.

Kane wiped his greasy hands on a rag and pushed himself out from beneath the jacked-up car he’d been working on. He rose to his feet and glanced around the empty shop, taking stock of his situation. Jackson Traynor, who usually handled the runs with the tow, was out. He’d gone to the city to pick up an emergency part, meaning Kane and his dad, Joe, were the only ones here. Joe, who Kane had no desire to leave by himself.

Temptation was always too great for Kane’s father. If he could pocket something to pawn, trade, or sell for extra cash, he’d do it to fuel his gambling addiction. Unfortunately Kane couldn’t send his dad out on the run because the older man was no longer allowed to drive. Too many accidents and he’d had his license revoked.

But Kane wasn’t going to leave a woman stranded on the highway, so he’d have to go take care of the tow himself. He headed for the office and found his father sitting behind the desk, writing on a scrap pad. Kane hoped it wasn’t notes on horses or ball games.

“Hey,” Kane said, striding around to the back of the desk, coming up behind his father. “I’m going to go do the pickup since Jackson’s out.” While he spoke, he pulled a key out of his pocket and opened the cash drawer, removing the bills that were in there.

At a glance, there were hundreds, fifties and smaller denominations separated in the till. He didn’t leave anything behind to provide his father the least little bit of temptation.

“You’ve got to be shitting me.” His father’s eyes were on the money Kane shoved into his front pockets. “You don’t trust me,” he said sullenly.

“No, Dad, I don’t. Why should I?”

There’d been holiday money he’d gambled away when they were kids, and when things were bad, his dad’s motto was, If it isn’t nailed down, it’s fair game. Kane didn’t feel the least bit guilty doing what he had to do to make sure he could provide for the family when his father couldn’t. Joe wouldn’t steal while Kane was in the shop. Kane knew that. It was only when nobody was around to see or answer to that the demon on his shoulder got the best of him and temptation took over.

His dad muttered something under his breath, undecipherable but obviously mean, and Kane chose to ignore him.

“I shouldn’t be gone long. Hold down the fort?” Kane asked.

“Oh. You’ll trust me to talk to customers?” Sarcasm dripped from his dad’s words. “Last time I looked, it was my name on the signage,” he muttered.

And last time Kane checked, he was the one running the business. True, the building was in his father’s name, but the old man wouldn’t budge on adding Kane or his older sister to the deed. The only salvation was the fact that Joe knew his limitations. He’d given Kane ownership of the business when he turned twenty-two, after a bad run with some loan sharks. Kane stepped in and paid off the debt, and in exchange, the business was in Kane’s name. Just not the land. Kane wanted it divided between himself and Andi, but his father’s pride demanded he hold on to it until he passed on. Which, thank God, didn’t look like it would be any time soon.

His father drove Kane mad but he loved his old man. Joe had raised them since his mom died from ovarian cancer when Kane was fifteen and had done the best he could with the limited skill set he had. His heart was in the right place even if his vices weren’t.

Kane palmed the truck keys in his hands. “Don’t forget Nicky’s coming by after day camp,” he reminded his dad.

His sister Andrea’s seven-year-old son spent afternoons at the garage with his uncle and grandfather while his mom worked. With Nicky’s father out of his life—and good riddance—it was important for Nicky to spend time with the men in his family. Not to mention it freed his sister up to work and not worry about her kid after school or summer camp, which saved her from having to hire a sitter. And Kane liked having his nephew around. Even if he was under a car, Nicky did his homework or played games on his cell phone in the office and chatted up his grandpa. It was good.

Kane stepped into the blazing, late-afternoon sunshine, appreciating the summer heat on his face. Once he was outside, he forgot about the aggravation with his dad and instead inhaled the fresh air after being cooped under a car for the better part of the day.

He slid his aviators on his face and climbed into the flatbed, starting up the engine. He drove out of town and onto the highway, music blasting on the radio, until he caught sight of the gleaming, bright red Ford SUV on the side of the road.

The influx of summer visitors into Rosewood Bay, his ocean-side town in New England, usually meant expensive foreign cars littering the side of the main street and taking up the prime parking near the beach. This little beauty didn’t strike him as one of those, but he didn’t recognize it as one of his regulars, either.

He pulled in behind the SUV onto the shoulder of the road and parked. After hopping out, he strode to the front of his vehicle and saw a woman in a flirty dress bent over the open hatch as she draped what looked like a sheet over something in the far back.

He shoved his hands into the front pockets of his jeans and looked his fill of the sweet ass aimed in the air and long legs leaning against the edge of the back, his dick perking up and taking notice. Which was a refreshing change, since he no longer partook of the women who came to Rosewood during the summers, willing to indulge in a fun fling with a mechanic but never, ever deigning to consider him good enough for anything more. Once burned, and all that. Actually, it’d been too damn long since he’d been with any woman and even longer since one had truly interested him.

Before he could make his presence known, though she had to have heard his truck’s arrival, she turned around and met his gaze.

Recognition slammed into him, raw and real. “Halley Ward,” he muttered. “Well, I’ll be damned.” The girl he knew not at all but had protected from bullying back in high school stood before him, all grown up.

“Hi, Kane,” she said softly, shading her eyes from the sun with her hands. Eyes he knew were a light blue.

She’d been quiet and withdrawn back then, head almost always hidden inside a hooded sweatshirt, only her two long braids hanging out from her protective armor. But he knew her story.

Everyone did.

This town thrived on gossip, and the Wards provided much of it over the years. In Halley’s case, everyone knew she’d been rescued from foster care at thirteen by her aunt but never seemed to adjust to life back home with her wealthy family. She didn’t reach out to other girls or make friends at school or in town. Or maybe they didn’t welcome her. He hadn’t been sure.

He’d only known that, at the time, he had recently lost his mom and pulled back from the world, so he recognized that same sense of sadness and loss in Halley and had stepped in when the kids gave her a rough time because of her past. They’d never talked or bonded, but he knew she appreciated his efforts. Could tell by the lingering, sad but grateful looks she passed him in the hall that his actions meant something to her.

Despite living in the same town, he hadn’t seen her in years. That damned gossip indicated she was more reclusive and damned more solitary than he was. She didn’t hang out at the Blue Wall, the main bar in Rosewood, on Friday or Saturday nights, at least not when he’d been there. Had he wondered more about her through the years? Sure. But life went on.

“So. Dead SUV?” he asked, gesturing to her ride.

“Dead SUV,” she said, sounding pissed off. “What kind of car just… dies? It’s not new but it isn’t ancient, either.” She braced her hands on her slender hips and frowned at her vehicle.

He shrugged. “Won’t know until I get it jacked up and take a look.” He met her gaze. “How’ve you been?” he asked.

“Good.” She toyed with a strand of hair.

With the sun streaming down, he took in those brown locks with sun-kissed streaks of blonde closer to the ends that hung just past her shoulders. And he immediately noticed that the face she’d hidden as a kid was all the more striking now.


She was fucking beautiful. And still fragile at least in appearance, her skin like porcelain, her features delicate, with a hint of freckles over the bridge of her nose. And there was still that whisper of sadness that fell over her features, there whether she was aware of it or not.

“You?” she asked. “How are you? Still working at the garage, I see?”

He’d had a job there from the time he was a kid, hanging out from a young age, just as Nicky did now.

Kane nodded. “I own the place.” He wasn’t sure why he felt compelled to let her know.

“That’s good.” She ran her hands up and down her arms.

“Let me get your truck on the flatbed and we’ll go back to the garage. I’ll take a quick look and see if I can tell you what we’re dealing with.”


“You’re welcome to hang out in the front of the cab while I work,” he said.

She smiled. “And thanks again.” She spun on her low-heeled sandals, and her floral dress, which clung to her curves, spun out around her thighs.

Flirty. Cute. Sexy as fuck.

He did his thing and soon they were on their way back to the garage. “So what’s covered in the back of your truck?” he asked, having seen the sheet for himself.

“Paintings. I paint. My work is in the gallery in town. I was taking a few pieces over when my car died and I didn’t want the sun beating down and fading them.”

“An artist? Damn. I’ll have to stop by the place and see your work.” He was impressed with that little bit of knowledge about her.

His hands on the wheel, he glanced over. A blush stained her cheeks. “I’m not sure my work is your style.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it anyway. Besides, how would you know what my style is?”

“You’re right. I don’t,” she murmured. She curled her hands around her purse on her lap and he refocused on the road.

“Maybe we could change that.” Now where had that suggestion come from?

Her gaze swung to his. Startled. “What are you saying?”

“Go out with me sometime.” No, he hadn’t planned it, but Halley Ward intrigued him. She always had. And now that they were adults, she fascinated him even more.

“I don’t date.” That surprised him… but it shouldn’t, now that he gave it some thought.

It wasn’t like he saw her out and about anyway, and she did like to keep to herself. But not to even date? What was that all about?

“Then call it two old friends catching up,” he said, now even more determined to find out.

He glanced over to find her lips twitching in amusement she was obviously trying not to show. She might not want to be interested in going out with him… but she was.

“We weren’t friends,” she reminded him gently.

“Do friends stand up for each other?” he asked.

She nodded. “They do.”

“Then I’d consider us friends.” He looked at her and winked. “Just think about it,” he said as he pulled into the garage lot.

Because he was definitely interested in her. Maybe it was fate that her car broke down and he’d been the one to answer the call, bringing them together again after all these years. They were adults now, and he wanted to get to know what secrets she held behind those blue eyes.

Because he sensed, then and now, that her layers ran deep. And he wanted to peel them back and learn what lay beneath.

The next morning, a banging noise filtered into my brain, rousing me from sleep. I thought I was imagining it, tried to fall back into the dream I’d been having. A dream about Kane, where the kiss I’d been denied the day before had actually happened. His warm lips had covered mine, and his tongue slid over my mouth in a lazy glide, resulting in my letting him inside. I moaned. He gripped the back of my head, tilting me for better, deeper access. His tongue tangled with mine, and I hooked a leg around his, arching my hips so my sex ground against his.

The loud banging penetrated my head once more, drumming through my skull, interrupting my recall of the sexy dream.

“Damn,” I muttered, forcing my eyelids open and pushing myself up in bed.

The noise sounded like it was coming from the back of the house, and I needed to check out the cause. It was too early on a Sunday morning to be woken out of a sound slumber with hot dreams, especially because I didn’t sleep easily and I definitely didn’t have sex-filled dreams often, if ever.

I climbed out of bed and retrieved a short silk robe from the back of the chair by the small vanity in my room and pulled it on, knotting the belt at my waist.

Then I walked out of my bedroom and past my easel to the doors leading to the back deck, stopping short at the sight.

Kane had carried a fair amount of the treated wood out from beneath the tarp, and he was in the process of bringing more. Wearing a pair of jeans and a fitted white tee shirt, muscles flexing, he dropped the wood onto the pile, the loud sound explaining the noise.

I was embarrassed now that I knew it was him and he’d interrupted himself starring in my sensual dream. But I needed to know why he was here.

I unlocked the door and flung the slider open. “What’s going on?” I tugged on the belt of my robe and stepped outside. “Kane?”

He glanced up, his eyes scanning from my bare feet and legs, up over my body and neck, landing on my face. Pure male approval glittered in his gaze, which, considering I’d just rolled out of bed without checking a mirror, startled me.

He walked over, stopping in front of me. “Good morning.”

I swallowed hard and ignored the heat that rushed to my cheeks at his perusal. “Good morning. What are you doing?” I asked him.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” He gestured to the stack of wood he’d accumulated. “I’m fixing your deck.”

“Yes, I see that. I meant… why?”

“Because it needs to be done, and I like working with my hands.”

My mind raced to the innuendo in that statement, his hands stroking over my body, taking his time, outlining my curves. And when he winked at me, I knew I hadn’t been the only one whose mind went there.

I cleared my throat. “I appreciate that you want to help me, but I can’t take advantage of you like that.” Take advantage. Jesus. Why did everything out of our mouths feel like it had a sexual connotation?

“You’re not taking advantage. I want to do it. I renovated the house my father lives in if you need a reference,” he said, and I wasn’t sure if he was joking about the referral. “As long as you don’t mind me working during my free time, I don’t mind getting it done.”

“Thank you. Really.” I’d have to do what I could to show my appreciation. And very specific ways of giving gratitude came to mind. Me on my knees in front of him, slowly undoing his zipper until his cock sprang free. Gah! What was I doing, thinking about him that way while he watched me, amusement in his knowing gaze?

He reached out and lifted the end of the tie on my robe. “Now that we’ve settled that, can you do me a favor?” He ran the silk between his thumb and forefinger, slowly. Sensually.

“Of course. Name it,” I said in a hoarse croak, mesmerized by the way his calloused fingers caressed the soft material, my nipples hard beneath my camisole.

“Please go put on some damned clothes,” he said in a roughened voice. “You’re distracting me from my work.” His gaze had zeroed in on the hardened peaks poking at my robe.

Oh, God. I blushed, something that was becoming a habit when he was around, turned, and headed inside.

Find out what happens next in Touch You Now!

Fall in love with the Wards and the men who complete them!

Four sisters, separated as children, reunite in Rosewood Bay to overcome the trauma of their past… and find love in the future. If you’ve ever wished you could “go home” again, well now you can enjoy living through the ups and downs of just that with the Ward sisters and their very own hot heroes!

This Series Narrated by: Angela Dawe

Listen to the full series if you love:

  • Damaged Hero/Heroine
  • Small Town
  • Blue Collar
  • Single Dad/Single Mom
  • Surprise Baby
  • Bodyguard
  • Disguise/Pretend
  • Forbidden Love
  • Opposites Attract
  • Second Chances

Get all four books and settle into the hometown charm of Rosewood Bay. This bundle includes separate audiobook editions of the four Hot Heroes novels.

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  • Touch You Now — Kane & Halley
  • Hold You Now — Jake & Phoebe
  • Need You Now — Braden & Juliette
  • Want You Now — Kyle & Andi

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