Serendipity Super Bundle (Audiobook)
Serendipity Super Bundle (Audiobook)
Serendipity Super Bundle (Audiobook)

Serendipity Super Bundle (Audiobook)

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Get FIVE full-length + THREE novella-length romance audiobooks for 35% off. This bundle discount offer is exclusive to our store and the lowest price you’ll find online.
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Discover the romance of small town Serendipity with these nine couples!

He came from the wrong side of the tracks. She lived in the house on the hill.
Now their fortunes have reversed…but their long-ago attraction still burns.

From high school golden girl to wife of a high-powered New York attorney, Faith Harrington lived the dream. Until divorce and her father’s imprisonment for fraud left her with almost nothing. Now she’s back in her hometown to redesign her life, and not every face is friendly. Least of all the town rebel, whose memory lingered long after they shared one searing teenage kiss.

Ethan Barron is a bad boy. Was. Was a bad boy. Now a man—a very rich man—he quietly buys the old Harrington mansion to thumb his nose at Serendipity and the people who looked down on him. But until he reconciles with his brothers and builds a life, the victory rings hollow.

Faith had been a rich girl ripe for rebellion, and his shamelessly stolen kiss still burns in his dreams. Only a fool would risk feeding town gossip by asking her to redecorate the house she grew up in. But Ethan never did choose easy. Not when the hard way promises a much sweeter—and hotter—reward.

KISMET - novella
Time has changed the girl he left behind—and the sexy woman won’t fall into his bed so easily.

Lissa Gardelli’s journalism career is about to take a big leap forward, thanks to scoring an interview with Wall Street wonder, Trevor Dane. There’s just one hurdle: keeping her identity a secret until she gets in the door.

Trevor Dane has arrived—corner office, seven-figure income, and women at the snap of his fingers. A profile piece in the News Journal is just icing on the cake. Until he lays eyes on his interviewer, the high school sweetheart who’s haunted his dreams for ten long years.

The sparks between them still burn, and business quickly ignites into pleasure. But Lissa is keeping one last secret…one that could either solidify their reunion, or drive them apart—for good.

FATED - novella
He used to crush on her best friend. How can he convince her falling for him won’t crush her heart?

Though Nick Mancini flirts with her like it’s his second job, Kate Andrews tries to ignore the sexy construction worker. How could he be interested in her? Not that long ago, he was in love with Kate’s best friend, Faith. His muscled body and sexy dimples are hard to resist, but Kate refuses to be anyone’s rebound girl. Been there, done that, burned the road map.

Trouble is, Kate does believe in love at first sight. But it has to be a two-way street, and she’s convinced she and Nick are destined to crash and burn.

Nick can pinpoint the exact moment he gave up on Faith, and really saw Kate for the first time. He’d ticked her off, and she’d been seriously angry. He’d looked right into those flashing green eyes, and he was a goner. He’s pretty sure Kate feels the same way, but despite their off-the-charts chemistry, she rejects him at every turn.

But Nick is nothing if not persistent, and those longing looks she sneaks his way don’t lie. She wants him, too. For Nick to break through Kate’s barriers, he’ll have to throw out the original blueprint and come up with a whole new plan. One that takes him off guard and cements their future.

They’ve got chemistry. But he’s her brother’s worst enemy—and his arresting officer.

For Officer Dare Barron, there’s only one good thing about bad-boy Brian McKnight getting thrown in the drunk tank again. Being there when Brian’s sister, Liza, strides into the precinct on those long, delectable legs to bail her brother out.

It’s not just the old building’s failing air conditioning making Dare sweat. Liza is a contradiction of proper lady and sexy siren who’s riveted Dare’s attention since high school.

She’s always been oblivious, which is a good thing because she’s way out of his league. Plus, she’s got a huge blind spot where her brother’s concerned, and Dare knows what’s hiding in that void she refuses to see.

When one of those secrets threatens Liza’s safety, Dare doesn’t hesitate to appoint himself her protector. Close proximity awakens Liza’s desire for the sexy cop and fuels the sizzling heat between them, but the bad blood between their families could ruin any chance for love.

She’s a small-town girl. He’s got a restless spirit. Can their hearts bridge the gap?

Michael Marsden’s adoptive parents gave him a family, but Serendipity never felt like home so he fled to Manhattan, where he’s an undercover cop with a reputation for skirting the rules. But when his police chief father steps down to fight a serious illness, Mike returns home to fill his dad’s by-the-book shoes.

Serendipity hasn’t changed much but there’s one familiar face from the past that he never expected to see—Officer Cara Hartley. She’s the only woman that ever made him consider giving up his lone-wolf ways.

Cara is determined to keep a professional distance from her new boss, the one night stand she never forgot. But hearing Mike’s deep, sexy voice ignites memories of how he set her body on fire. It isn’t long before their red-hot chemistry tempts them to cross a dangerous line both personally and professionally, leaving Cara hoping for a future where she can have it all.

But when Mike’s long-absent biological father returns, the fragile bonds that could have kept him in Serendipity threaten to snap. And Mike must face his past if he and Cara are to have any kind of future.

Will Mike realize he fits perfectly in Serendipity with Cara, or will he choose to walk away?

She’s the town good girl. He’s the sexy bad boy. But a one-night stand is about to bring consequences neither expects.

Serendipity assistant district attorney Erin Marsden rarely makes mistakes and is perfectly content with her predictable life, thank you very much. Until the day sexy Cole Sanders returns to town and tempts her off her good-girl path.

After seven years of deep undercover work, Cole Sanders comes home to help his aging dad and rediscover his buried sense of right and wrong. He’s not there to get involved with the town’s good-girl, who has always been off limits to a bad boy like him.

But Cole’s a rebel at heart and he just can’t ignore their blazing-hot chemistry. He also can’t ignore the consequences of their intense one-night stand—Erin is pregnant with his baby.

As if that’s not enough to make his protective instincts kick in, Erin’s current case has danger written all over it. But Cole is determined to protect the woman he loves, and Erin finds herself succumbing to his alpha demands.

Now Cole just needs to prove to both himself and Erin that he can give her and their baby the love they deserve.

This big-city girl is ready for Serendipity. But is Serendipity ready for her?

No sane woman breaks off an engagement to an extremely handsome, rich man, right? But Nicole Farnsworth is tired of being the good daughter, and she’s sick of being her fiancé’s arm-candy. So she flees to Serendipity. She can’t think of a better place to find some peace and figure out what comes next.

“Next” shouldn’t include falling for the man who once slapped handcuffs on her wrists—and unwittingly changed her life. But in this small town, fate and fortune make the decisions.

Sam Marsden trusts his instincts as a cop, but when it comes to love? Not so much. Back when he’d mistakenly arrested Nicole, she’d made his jaded heart beat faster and he thought she’d reciprocated. But she returned to her high-society life in NYC and slipped through his fingers. Since then, he’s tried and failed to stop dreaming about the beautiful woman.

Now Nicole is back and it isn’t long before they give in to the attraction that never stopped burning. But when the reason Nicole ran away from home catches up with her, it’ll take every ounce of Sam’s protective instincts to keep her safe.

One night. No strings. Things just got complicated.

Between long hours in the ER and failing to please her demanding father, Dr. Alexa Collins barely has time for a life in Serendipity, and the strain is starting to take its toll.

On a rare night out, she can’t resist getting a little crazy on the dance floor. Or playfully crooking her finger at the sinfully hot football player watching her every move. And when a dance leads to some hot, stress-relieving sex, she’s all in with Luke Thompson. He’s just the no-risk diversion she desperately needs.

When Luke proposes they spend some time together, Alexa can’t say no. Not when he’s so determined to show her how to have fun. Alexa figures it can’t hurt to have a few days with the irresistible Luke. After all, he’ll be gone soon, and her life will return to the daily grind.

Except this perfect stranger is more than she anticipated and when it’s time to say goodbye, he’ll be taking a big piece of her heart with him.

Ethan Barron sped down Main Street in his hometown of Serendipity, New York, with one thought only. You can’t outrun your past. He ought to know. He’d tried hard enough.

He was still trying, if buying the old Harrington estate under a corporate name counted. But he had his reasons. It was one thing to let his brothers know he’d returned. He didn’t mind allowing the rest of the town time to squirm, wondering who’d purchased the town landmark from the SEC auction block. Ethan hoped the fate of the previous owner wasn’t a bad omen for him. He’d like the next phase of his life in Serendipity to be better than the last.

Ten years after taking off, he was back to face his past and make amends, if such a thing was possible. So far, his younger brothers weren’t interested in any family reunion he had to offer. His recklessness had destroyed their lives, and he’d compounded his mistakes by leaving town—and leaving them to social services. They weren’t ready to forgive.


He was still working on forgiving himself.

Nash and Dare were adults now, but Ethan owed them, and he intended to prove they could count on him for the duration. Hopefully then they’d come around. And he’d be waiting, no matter how tough the road or how long it took. Buying the most prominent house in town was his first step. Evidence that he’d made something of himself and proof he was putting down roots, no longer the selfish ass who’d caused more trouble than he cared to remember.

As he approached the turn to the house he’d only been living in for three weeks, he noticed a woman standing on the grass beside the long driveway. He turned and slowed to a stop, then climbed out of his Jaguar, another concession to his success.

He walked toward his visitor, taking her in at a glance. The woman had shoulder-length blond hair and, even in the heat of summer, wore a dark pair of denim jeans and a collarless but clearly expensive jacket. Hearing his approach, she turned toward him, her eyes shaded by large black sunglasses masking her face. He didn’t recognize her, yet a flicker of something he couldn’t name passed through him.

“Anything I can do for you?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No. I was just taking a walk.” Her soft voice touched a memory deep inside him, but it was gone just as quickly.

“Well, this is private property.” He cocked his head toward the main road, hoping she’d take the hint.

He wasn’t in the mood for small talk with strangers. Although this well-put-together female definitely sparked his interest, he wasn’t here for anything but family and setting the past right. No distractions. Not even sexy overdressed ones. In his experience, those kinds of women were the most dangerous.

She lifted her glasses, and her golden eyes seared him straight through to his soul as she held his gaze for a long, deliberate moment. Like she was judging him.

“Yep. Still an arrogant ass,” she muttered, her previously mellow voice now pissed off and angry.


She slipped the sunglasses back in place, squared her shoulders, and headed down the road, turning her back on him just as he’d intended.

“Wait,” he called after her, the word coming out like a direct order.

“I’m not your damn yo-yo,” she tossed back over her shoulder and kept walking.

But he couldn’t let her go. “I said wait.” He took a quick jog to catch up with her and grabbed her arm.

“What?” she snapped and jerked her arm back, annoyed.

He inclined his head, unsure what had come over him. “Do I know you?” he asked, the answer niggling somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind.

“You tell me.” She lifted her glasses, this time perching them on top of her head, giving him a full view of her face and features for the first time.

Soft creamy skin with a hint of freckles, golden-brown eyes, and a perfect nose. Her pulse beat hard at the base of her throat, giving life to the memory hovering just out of reach. Another hot steamy day, him on his motorcycle, her in her cheerleading outfit, walking from school to the house he now called home.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” he muttered as more memories slammed into him.

He’d offered her a ride home that day. No one had been more shocked than him when she’d taken it. Instead of driving up the hill, he’d taken her behind an abandoned building in town and kissed her senseless. He’d wanted more, but she’d rejected him.

He was right. He couldn’t outrun his past.

“So you do remember,” she said, her tone clearly challenging him.

He inclined his head. “The princess from the mansion on the hill,” he mused out loud.

She placed one hand on her hip. “What does that make you as the new owner? Prince Charming?”

So word had gotten out after all. He should probably thank his housekeeper, Anna, for that. She’d come with the house, needed the job, and didn’t like him at all. She provided him with all the gossip he didn’t want to know about the town of Serendipity and its inhabitants. She talked nonstop while she worked. Of course she’d tell the prior owner’s daughter who had bought their home.

“Well?” his trespasser asked, drawing him back to the present.

Ethan grinned. He liked her spunk and couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t remember you being a wiseass.”

She raised a delicate eyebrow. “Maybe that’s because you didn’t know me all that well,” she said in the haughty tone he remembered.

“And whose fault was that?” He deliberately baited her, the memory of her rejection surprisingly strong after all these years.

I stepped out the door of the Ladies’ Room at Joe’s Bar and found the man of my fantasies waiting, arms crossed over his broad chest, a dark look in his intense eyes.

“Hi,” I said, intending to stride past him.

“In a hurry?” he asked.

I swallowed hard. “No. I just thought you were waiting for someone.”

“I was. I was waiting for you.”

I blinked, but dizziness assaulted me and I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol I’d drank or Ethan’s unique masculine scent that had me off kilter.

“Hi,” I said again, grinning this time.

He shook his head and laughed.

The sound rocked my world. His smile tilted it even more.

He reached out and lifted my chin with his hand, looking into my eyes. “You’re drunk.”

I shook my head in denial. Big mistake. I wobbled, and he reached out to steady me. His hand on my bare arm branded my skin, causing my temperature to soar and my heart to pound harder in my chest.

“Maybe a little…tipsy.” I giggled but resisted the urge to cover my mouth in embarrassment. Faith Harrington never giggled. Until now, that is. “Make that a lot tipsy,” I admitted.

A sexy smile tilted his lips. “I can see that, Princess.”

I loved how he used that word, the way it rolled off his tongue like an endearment. Not that I’d ever admit as much to him.

“You’re right about that. I’m definitely feeling something.” Because his hand not only still held my arm, but he ran his thumb back and forth over my skin. But I wasn’t complaining. I liked his touch way too much.

“Ready to go back to your table?” he asked.

I nodded and took a few steps, then realized I wasn’t steady on my feet but Ethan’s hand was still there, keeping me upright, and I was grateful. “Thanks.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist, and I no longer wanted to fight him. He pulled me close, his hard body aligning with mine.

I closed my eyes for a second and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent I knew would arouse me for a long time to come. “You smell good,” I murmured.

“You smell better.” His gruff voice brought me out of my daydream, and I realized I’d spoken out loud.

He pulled me tighter against him.

Oh man.

He walked me to Kate’s table, and I leaned over to whisper in my friend’s ear. “I’ve had way too much to drink, so I’m going upstairs before I get in trouble.”

Kate glanced from me to Ethan, who waited beside me. “Oh, honey, I think you already found trouble,” Kate said softly.

I giggled again. “He found me.”

Find out what happens next in Serendipity!

Welcome to Serendipity, where fate, fortune, and love are destined to meet.

Finally, a super bundle that combines the books from the Serendipity and Serendipity's Finest series. Two families, but one small town you're destined to love. First, you'll meet the estranged Barron brothers, sexy alpha males dealing with their small town roots. Continue with the Marsden siblings as they navigate careers and love under the shadow of their beloved police chief father, over mom’s Sunday pot roasts, and deep in a small town they’ll never quite manage to leave behind. What could be more perfect?

This Series Narrated by: Pippa Jayne & Eric Michael Summerer

Listen to the full series if you love:

  • Billionaires
  • Opposites Attract
  • Small Town
  • Blue Collar
  • Second Chances
  • Workplace Romance
  • Police / Cop Hero
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Brother’s Enemy
  • Romantic Suspense

Get all eight audiobooks and settle in to enjoy the best of small town life—from the one-upmanship that’s natural to brothers, to the way everyone knows everyone’s business. This bundle includes separate audiobook editions of five Serendipity-set novels and three shorter length (but still substantial!) novellas. 

Note from Carly: As of now, I have not been able to regain the audio rights to Destiny. Please don’t purchase the one available at other retailers as the series has been modernized. I hope to bring this audiobook to you with Pippa Jayne and Eric Michael Summerer one day soon.

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  • Serendipity — Ethan & Faith
  • Kismet — Trevor & LIssa
  • Fated — Nick & Kate
  • Karma — Dare & LIza
  • Perfect Fit — Mike & Cara
  • Perfect Fling — Cole & Erin
  • Perfect Together — Sam & Nicole
  • Perfect Strangers — Luke & Alexa

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