Serendipity's Finest ebook bundle small town romances
Serendipity's Finest Bundle (Ebook)
Serendipity's Finest Bundle (Ebook)
Serendipity's Finest Bundle (Ebook)

Serendipity's Finest Bundle (Ebook)

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Get THREE full-length + ONE novella-length romance ebooks for 35% off. This bundle discount offer is exclusive to our store and the lowest price you’ll find online.
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She’s a small-town girl. He’s got a restless spirit. Can their hearts bridge the gap?

Michael Marsden’s adoptive parents gave him a family, but Serendipity never felt like home so he fled to Manhattan, where he’s an undercover cop with a reputation for skirting the rules. But when his police chief father steps down to fight a serious illness, Mike returns home to fill his dad’s by-the-book shoes.

Serendipity hasn’t changed much but there’s one familiar face from the past that he never expected to see—Officer Cara Hartley. She’s the only woman that ever made him consider giving up his lone-wolf ways.

Cara is determined to keep a professional distance from her new boss, the one night stand she never forgot. But hearing Mike’s deep, sexy voice ignites memories of how he set her body on fire. It isn’t long before their red-hot chemistry tempts them to cross a dangerous line both personally and professionally, leaving Cara hoping for a future where she can have it all.

But when Mike’s long-absent biological father returns, the fragile bonds that could have kept him in Serendipity threaten to snap. And Mike must face his past if he and Cara are to have any kind of future.

Will Mike realize he fits perfectly in Serendipity with Cara, or will he choose to walk away?

She’s the town good girl. He’s the sexy bad boy. But a one-night stand is about to bring consequences neither expects.

Serendipity assistant district attorney Erin Marsden rarely makes mistakes and is perfectly content with her predictable life, thank you very much. Until the day sexy Cole Sanders returns to town and tempts her off her good-girl path.

After seven years of deep undercover work, Cole Sanders comes home to help his aging dad and rediscover his buried sense of right and wrong. He’s not there to get involved with the town’s good-girl, who has always been off limits to a bad boy like him.

But Cole’s a rebel at heart and he just can’t ignore their blazing-hot chemistry. He also can’t ignore the consequences of their intense one-night stand—Erin is pregnant with his baby.

As if that’s not enough to make his protective instincts kick in, Erin’s current case has danger written all over it. But Cole is determined to protect the woman he loves, and Erin finds herself succumbing to his alpha demands.

Now Cole just needs to prove to both himself and Erin that he can give her and their baby the love they deserve.

This big-city girl is ready for Serendipity. But is Serendipity ready for her?

No sane woman breaks off an engagement to an extremely handsome, rich man, right? But Nicole Farnsworth is tired of being the good daughter, and she’s sick of being her fiancé’s arm-candy. So she flees to Serendipity. She can’t think of a better place to find some peace and figure out what comes next.

“Next” shouldn’t include falling for the man who once slapped handcuffs on her wrists—and unwittingly changed her life. But in this small town, fate and fortune make the decisions.

Sam Marsden trusts his instincts as a cop, but when it comes to love? Not so much. Back when he’d mistakenly arrested Nicole, she’d made his jaded heart beat faster and he thought she’d reciprocated. But she returned to her high-society life in NYC and slipped through his fingers. Since then, he’s tried and failed to stop dreaming about the beautiful woman.

Now Nicole is back and it isn’t long before they give in to the attraction that never stopped burning. But when the reason Nicole ran away from home catches up with her, it’ll take every ounce of Sam’s protective instincts to keep her safe.

One night. No strings. Things just got complicated.

Between long hours in the ER and failing to please her demanding father, Dr. Alexa Collins barely has time for a life in Serendipity, and the strain is starting to take its toll.

On a rare night out, she can’t resist getting a little crazy on the dance floor. Or playfully crooking her finger at the sinfully hot football player watching her every move. And when a dance leads to some hot, stress-relieving sex, she’s all in with Luke Thompson. He’s just the no-risk diversion she desperately needs.

When Luke proposes they spend some time together, Alexa can’t say no. Not when he’s so determined to show her how to have fun. Alexa figures it can’t hurt to have a few days with the irresistible Luke. After all, he’ll be gone soon, and her life will return to the daily grind.

Except this perfect stranger is more than she anticipated and when it’s time to say goodbye, he’ll be taking a big piece of her heart with him.

I always knew you weren’t the kind of guy to expect much from.

Mike knew what Cara meant with her cutting remark. Not only had he deserved it, he’d prided himself on that very thing. Unless the people involved were his immediate family, Mike made himself off-limits. Like his biological father, Rex Bransom, Mike had taken off from Serendipity as soon as he got the chance, leaving his family and the police force he’d recently joined.

Also like his sperm donor, he’d hurt a woman in the process. At least Tiffany hadn’t been pregnant, as Mike’s mother had been with him. Mike was young then, barely twenty-two, and he hadn’t known enough to lay out his feelings for Tiffany—or lack of them. To Mike, she’d been fun and he liked her well enough, but he sure as hell never planned on marrying her.

He shuddered at the thought, recalling how he’d used his escape from Tiffany as his ticket out of his small hometown, next stop Atlantic City, where he’d picked up again as a beat cop. He’d been bored, something obvious to his superior, who’d recognized his talent along with his tendency to skirt the rules, pulled some strings, and gotten him into the NYPD. There, life had been more exciting, keeping him hopping. Never bored, never tied down.

He loved his life. So why did Cara’s words still bother him two full days later?

What bugged him even more was that he had to visit his brother at Cara’s house, a place filled with memories even he couldn’t shut off.

Parking his Ford F-150 in the driveway, he recalled following her home from Joe’s and pulling up behind her sporty blue Jeep Cherokee. His hand on her back as they walked up the entry to the small condo. Her shutting the door behind them, flicking on the hall entry light. And then any gentlemanly qualities he possessed had flown out the window. Mike had always been a guy with a healthy sex drive, and his months undercover had been a long dry spell, but he was hard pressed to explain the chemistry that had his hands all over her immediately.

So what if her laughter in the bar had rung in his ears, leaving him with a lightness inside him that he hadn’t experienced in too long, if ever? And he’d seen sexy women in short skirts and cowboy boots before, but when Cara had leaned over a table to whisper something to a friend, Mike realized those tights she wore rose only thigh high. He’d broken into a sweat right then. Still, not enough of an explanation in his mind. Neither was what happened next.

Joe’s Bar had never been known for dancing, but somehow Joe’s fiancée, Annie Kane, had persuaded him to expand the bar and put in a dance floor. Mike had been nursing a beer with Sam when he caught sight of Cara in some guy’s arms, his hands slipping downward from her waist to her ass. Mike was up in an instant, reaching her just as Cara gripped the man’s wrist and threatened to break it if he didn’t play nice. She hadn’t needed Mike’s help, but she’d gratefully let him cut in. Next thing he knew, his hands slipped from her waist beneath her shirt, his fingertips grazing the silken skin on her back. Except she didn’t stop him.

When he asked, “Want to get out of here?” her softly whispered “Yes” slammed into him full force. She’d excused herself to say good-bye to Sam and Alexa and the other friends she’d been hanging out with. And the next few hours had completely blown his mind and had him leaving before she woke the next morning.

Was it any wonder he hesitated in front of her front door now?

Without warning, the front door opened wide and Cara greeted him. “Were you going to ring the bell? Or did you plan to stand outside all day?” she asked, a knowing smile on her face.

“I take it we’re past the formality stage?” He followed her into the front entry.

“Unless you prefer we go back to the way things were, Chief? I could call you sir,” she offered with a deliberately saucy smile.

He narrowed his gaze, determined not to let her provoke him. “When we’re off duty, informal is fine.” He drew a long breath. “How’s Sam?”

“I’ve never met a more annoying patient,” she muttered.

“Which tells me he’s recovering?”

She nodded. “He’s in the den watching television. You know the way, so go on in.” To her credit, though she blushed, probably remembering the last time he was here, she held his gaze and didn’t flinch. “Can I get you something to drink? Soda? Water?” she asked.

He shook his head. “No, thanks.”

A few minutes later, both he and Cara were seated near Sam, who looked a hell of a lot better here than in a hospital bed. “You’re not green anymore,” Mike said of his brother’s coloring.

“I’m better. And I’m antsy.”

“And it’s only been forty-eight hours, so relax yourself. You’re a couple of weeks away from being cleared to return to work, so chill.”

Sam muttered a curse. “I have things to do.”

“Nothing that can’t wait. Cara can hold her own with Dare. Once you’re back, I’ll give him a rookie to train as his new partner.”

“Better him than me,” Cara said, curling her bare feet beneath her on the oversized chair in which she sat.

Pink toes peeked out from beneath her navy-blue sweats, which rolled at the top. A faded gray T-shirt, imprinted with the SPD logo, had been cut off, revealing a tantalizing sliver of bare skin between the frayed edge and the waistband of her sweats.

“Mike, quit mooning over Cara and pay attention; this is important.” Sam’s voice broke into his musings.

Son of a bitch, his brother hadn’t just caught him, he’d called him out. When Sam was better, Mike intended to beat the living crap out of him.

Cara’s face blushed a cute shade of pink. Mike figured his was maroon by now. “What?” he snapped, knowing he couldn’t admit or deny without getting himself in more trouble.

“We have a situation,” Sam said, his tone of voice more telling than anything else that this was big.

Mike sat up straighter in his seat. “What’s going on?” He looked from Sam to Cara.

She shook her head. “It has to come from Sam,” she said.

“You know how the mayor gave you a list of unresolved cases, especially those that involved the old Winkler place, and told you to do something about it?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. And I put you two on it,” he said to Sam and Cara.

“Right. Most of the open complaints about the Winkler place were tough to run down since nobody is willing to admit they visited that . . . umm, establishment.”

Mike still didn’t know where his brother was going with this. “I’m listening.”

“And I’m getting there. It’s not simple. Back in 1983, the cops pulled over a car on a random traffic stop. They found drugs, arrested the driver, and impounded the car. In the trunk they found ten grand in marked bills. The money and the drugs were locked in the evidence room until the feds could pick up the cash. Somehow it fell through the cracks, and the money’s still sitting there.”

Mike muttered a curse, and Cara laughed.

“Fast-forward some weeks,” Sam continued. “A women’s group began protesting the old Winkler place.”

“The Best Little Whorehouse in Serendipity,” Mike said, using the nickname he’d learned as a kid.

“Right.” Cara waved a hand toward Sam, indicating he should keep talking.

“The group clashed with the people at the motel, the cops raided the place, and what did they find? The same type of marked cash, at which point it goes into evidence too. The hooker activity dies down for a while, the moms forget about the Winkler place, a new administration comes in, and lo and behold, the money sits and nobody takes another look. Over time, any activity at the Winkler place ended, and nobody was willing to discuss what really went down there.”

Mike shook his head in disbelief. “Okay, well, let’s say I get that we’re in a small town with shitty record keeping. And I also get how that old boys’ network kept further investigation from continuing. We’re talking about what? Money laundering in addition to prostitution out there?”

“We don’t know,” Cara answered.

Mike raised his hands in frustration. “What do we know?”

Sam cleared his throat. “Well, we know that the only person currently on the force with possible ties to all this in the past—is Dad.”

I must have lost my mind. I was dancing with my boss in the town bar where everyone could see. Dancing with the man who’d walked away from me once before. 

But Mike’s large hand splayed against the thick fabric of my shirt, hot against my back. With a grateful sigh, I leaned my head against his chest and listened to the rapid beating of his heart.

His fingertips dipped slightly lower, into the top band of my jeans, and pressed my lower body against his. I wanted him more than my next breath.

But how could I go there again and walk away whole?

Maybe a better question was, how could I not try?

“Cara?” he asked, his voice a gruff, low rumble.

I tipped my head back and met his gaze. “Yes.” I knew exactly what I was agreeing to.

His impossibly brown eyes darkened even more. “Are you sure?”

I nodded.

He leaned close and whispered in my ear. “Go up the back, and I’ll meet you outside my apartment in a few minutes.”

Leave separately, I thought. Protect our jobs.

“Okay.” I slid out of his arms and waited an appropriate amount of time before I headed outside.

When I hit the fresh air, it was cold, but Mike caught up with me almost as soon as I reached his place above the bar.

He unlocked the door, then slid his hand into mine and pulled me inside.

A glance around at the sparse apartment gave me a stark reminder of his constant state of impermanence. The man didn’t need a home base. Just a bed in which to sleep.

I’d do well to remember that, and the knowledge helped shore up my defenses, which had slipped while he held me so tightly on the dance floor.

“Mike, I just expect one thing,” I said, forcing myself to turn and face him. “It’s a deal breaker.”

He folded his arms across his chest. “What is it?” he asked, clearly wary.

The poor man was obviously worried I wanted commitment. I actually felt sorry for him. His unwillingness to open himself up to anyone meant he’d miss out on so much in life.

I stepped closer, my hands on the top of my blouse, and slipped one button out of the loop, then worked on another. “I just want you to promise me that things between us won’t be awkward tomorrow. That you won’t go back to defensive mode and treat me like…”

I was going to say dirt, but I realized that hadn’t been his intent. “Like you’re afraid I’m going to want forever.”

Find out what happens next in Perfect Fit!

Welcome back to Serendipity, where fate, fortune, and love are destined to meet.

Join the Marsden siblings as they navigate careers and love under the shadow of their beloved police chief father, over mom’s Sunday pot roasts, and deep in a small town they’ll never quite manage to leave behind. What could be more perfect?

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Get all four books and settle in to enjoy the best of small town life—and maybe uncover some family secrets. This bundle includes separate ebook editions of the four Serendipity's Finest series stories: three novels and 1 shorter length novella.

*After you purchase the bundle, you will receive an email with a link to download your ebooks. Then you can simply send the ebooks to any Kindle, tablet, or phone. Enjoy.


  • Perfect Fit — Mike & Cara
  • Perfect Fling — Cole & Erin
  • Perfect Together — Sam & Nicole
  • Perfect Strangers — Luke & Alexa

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